Would You Like to Sing with Us?

The Jefferson City Cantorum is an auditioned mixed choir that performs two times a year.  The choir is made up of members from surrounding areas who have choral experience, including those with music degrees and those who have sung in high school, college or church choirs.

Visit Cantorum’s relaunched website, www.jccantorum.org. The website has our history and even our Friends of Cantorum and Advertisers are listed. See how you can support us financially or volunteer at our concerts on our website. Or, follow us on Facebook @JeffersonCityCantorum.

Our next concert is December 14, 2024

Want to Join Us?

Cantorum rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00 pm at First Baptist Church.  We require 75% attendance and collect a deposit for your music.  Costumes are furnished by Cantorum.

How Do I Audition?

Auditions are open for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass singers on August 22, 2024.  You will be asked to sing your voice part (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) in a quartet setting of “America.”  Sopranos will also need to sing the alto part as a part of their audition.

In addition to the quartet, you will be guided through vocal exercises to determine your vocal range and will be asked to sing 4 tonal memory exercises (singing back pitches played on a piano).  You will also sing a prepared solo of your choice.  You may sing without accompaniment or we will provide an accompanist for you.

Results are based upon vocal quality, skills such as staying on pitch and moderating vibrato, and your ability to hold your part with good balance and blend.  Choral experience is strongly recommended.  If there isn’t room in your section, you might be placed on a waiting list or asked to reaudition at a later time.

If you have questions or are interested in auditioning, please email jccantorum@yahoo.com or call 573-893-5279.